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Dr. Beckstead is a licensed psychologist who provides individual and couples therapy for adults who have concerns related to depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, career, body image, HIV/AIDS, lesbian/gay/bisexual/ transgender issues, and grieving. He specializes in relationship issues such as intimacy, assertiveness, identity, gender, self-esteem, and sexuality. His research has focused on understanding how to resolve sexual, social, and religious conflicts. Dr. Beckstead is also a co-facilitator of weekend retreats for men who have been sexually abused (www.malesurvivor.org). He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Utah Psychological Association, and International Academy of Sex Research. The American Psychological Association selected him to be part of a task force from 2007-2009 to evaluate interventions to change sexual orientation and make therapeutic recommendations for those desiring such a change.

Hear Lee talk about his experience and practice: